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Rosemary Griffiths


Rosemary Griffiths:

Rosemary Griffiths is a Spiritual and Reiki Teacher, Powerful Intuitive Healer, Holistic Therapist, Meditation Teacher and trans-medium and is based on the beautiful Preseli Mountains in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. She began working with Spirit in the early 1990’s and over the last 15 years has taught Reiki; channelled and taught the White Diamond Light Attunement, and more recently developed a new healing modality known as 3rd Dimensional Intuitive Healing. Rosemary runs many workshops and Retreats all over the UK which include Master class workshops for Spiritual Development.

Rosemary also runs The R&R Training Academy which offers fully Accredited Beauty and Holistic courses which are held on the beautiful Preseli Mountains She was one of the pioneers of Reiki in Pembrokeshire and has trained many Reiki Masters and Teachers who have gone on to build successful businesses of their own.

Over the years she has built a considerable-sized wellbeing show which runs twice a year in Pembrokeshire. It provides a place where many healing modalities, practitioners, crystal healers, psychics and holistic therapists can come together to share their skills with members of the public.

Rosemary has recently launched meditation CDs based upon the New Ascended energy colours of the Chakra system, influenced by the writings of Joshua Stone. The CDs offer Attunements to the Ascended Chakra system and meditations to support the Attunements. There are also CDs to enable you to be Attuned to The White Diamond Light and how to use it as a healing modality. The White Diamond Light is of the highest vibration that we can tune into at this time on the earth plane.

Other CDs include meeting your Spirit Guide and meeting your Power Animal.
Rosemary offers her Holistic treatments every Thursday at the Haverfordwest Leisure Centre and is available for home visits where needed.

If you would like to contact Rosemary for any of her services she can be contacted on 07901 678158 or via email : psoh@hotmail.co.uk

Barrie John, Paranormal Expert

13 & 14 October 18 - MBS Fair Haverfordwest EP-1

Paula Jackson, Psychic Surgeon

Paula Jackson, Psychic Surgeon :

Paula Jackson is a natural Healer with the amazing gift of Psychic Surgery healing.

She works with a Team of 25 Spirit Psychic Surgeons who were Surgeons in real life. They work through her hands whilst Paula channels the energy for them to energetically clear your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical blockages that allow the body to start healing itself.

Since 2011 Paula has been spreading the word of her unique work across the South of England and in Wales too by attending events such as: Mind, Body & Spirit fayres, Wellbeing days and giving public talks & demonstrations on her work.

With monthly clinics in various locations, Paula also has private 121 healing sessions, offers Distant Healing, plus a Healing at Home service.

In October 2017 Paula wrote and self-published through Amazon, her book,

‘Journal of a Psychic Surgeon’ about a healing path she never knew was open to her and talks honestly and openly about the Psychic Surgeons she works with and the amazing Psychic Surgery healing they do.

Amazon – Journal of a Psychic Surgeon

For more information on her work, together with testimonials received to date.

Please view her website: www.paulajackson.co.uk

John Thirkettle

John Thirkettle:

Dear Rosemary,
Thanks so much for inviting us to have a table at the show, and for your support.
Attached is our Card, if you would like to include it on the exhibitors page.
At present we feel no need of Words to describe or explain us; Only that we are Classical Musicians and Teachers, aware of Healing with Sound and Music to Uplift and Inspire.

John & Iris Minnora Thirkettle.

Giles & Verity

Faye Bradbury


Faye Bradbury:

I was born with the gift of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing and have a strong connection to the Spirit Realms and Nature. I am an empath which heightens my connections to all living things.

I am what is called a Direct Source Medium and Clairvoyant… that is I connect directly with Source, God, Creator and am able to give you a compassionate reading full of love, advice, guidance and reassurance. I will also work with your energy. I can link in with your passed ones, your guides, animal guides, the fae, the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters and Star Beings, The Galactic Federation or Source. It depends on what you need and who, or indeed what, comes through for you. None of this is an exact science, I tell you what is given to me. Your free will is involved post reading.

During a reading, I will ask to connect with you physically by holding your hands. This is so that Spirit can channel healing for you during the reading. If you are uncomfortable with this then please say you would prefer not to. I am a qualified Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master Teacher and hold/run attunements down in Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire. Please add your name to my email list or contact me through my website if you wish for further information.

In addition to the channeled reading, what you will get from me during your reading is professionalism, compassion, love, channeled healing, advice, guidance, honesty and often some humor. If I do not get anything, I will say so.

I am also a High Vibrational healing channel and Shamanic Reiki Drum Healing and Journeying Practitioner and in a healing session I may use my voice, light language, song, the drum, Native American Style Flute, rattles, herbs, incense and channeled healing. I normally conduct these sessions during the summer at festivals and outdoor events from my beautiful bell tent, but also offer sessions throughout the winter near Gloucester. Please contact me through my website to inquire/book a session.

I am also a Drum Doula/Creator… in that I make and birth shamanic/medicine drums and rattles specific to you, working closely with your energy. Whilst I am making your drum, you receive intense healing through the drum and through me as I transmute things for you. Your drum becomes a sentient being that carries your own particular medicine and healing and becomes an extension of you and your soul song. I run retreats a few times a year from a tipi where you are able to come for intense releasing and healing whilst making your own rattle or drum and retreats for releasing and healing or just healing where you may come and be quiet and receive healing through several different means including reiki drum and reiki drum journeys and so on. Please make inquiries through my website. Or add your name to my email list for future information.

An artist (who also paints drums if you require this), writer and healing intuitive massage therapyand indian head massage therapy are other things that I also offer and do.

Contact details:

website: www.fayebradbury.com

E-mail : :laughingheartenterprises@hotmail.com
Tel: 07881 955078
Skype: fayeflutterby


Martin Harrison

private sitting

Martin Harrison:

Martin is available for mediumistic / tarot and crystal ball readings, if you would like to prebook a reading give him a call or text for either day.
The next 2 are for the Angel Whispers stand, the text is: We shall have our Angel Whispers stand here with an array of spiritual items including tarot cards, angel and oracle cards, unusal gifts, Lisa Parker/ Anne Stokes collection small prints only 2.99 and the screens at £49.99.


Gwen Davies

4 x goddess notebooks

Gwen Davies:

I am an artist and henna artist based in Cardiff. My work is based on nature and spitituality, and is influenced by my travels. In addition to greetings cards and notebooks I also hand draw a Lunar Calendar every year. My stall also features gorgeous items which I hand pick and bring back from beautiful India.

Lots of love xxx see you on Friday! xxxx


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Love Technologies

Ian Griffiths

Love Technologies:

Love Technologies was formed in 2013 to offer awareness, solutions and remedies to the exposure we all face from electronic gadgetry and frequencies that we are exposed to daily that pose a risk to our health and wellbeing.
Previously I had worked as an engineer since I left school, in my spare time I like to learn and research natural health and started to see problems regarding everyday exposure to electromagnetic radiation and not much being done about it.

We offer festival and event trade stands, home radiation assesments, educational talks and workshops and innovative products that provide protection from electromagnetic radiation, from computers, mobile phones and mast, WiFi, Bluetooth, power lines, domestic wiring, smart meters and other electrical appliances.


Michelle Prior, Angel Card Reader and Therapist


Michelle Prior, Angel Card Reader and Therapist:

About Michelle Prior Ask for Spiritual Guidance
Michelle always thought herself as a good guesser. As a young child and teenager she found that people were drawn to her to sort their problems out. People would just start chatting to her and pour their hearts out. Animals and young children were drawn to Michelle later on in her years. All this surmounted in Michelle deciding to explore her spiritual side. During this exploration Michelle discovered other innate gifts and talents. Over the past ten years Michelle has honed her skills and now is a Spiritual Teacher, Counsellor, Psychic Medium, Angel Card reader and Inspirational Speaker to name but a few. Michelle uses these skills to guide others to achieve personal happiness. “ All I do is to help you find the answers that are within you.

Melisa, Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher


Melisa, Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher, (International Certificates) :

Hello, my name is Melisa, and I am a locally born and bred Pembrokeshire girl.

I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher,Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher, (International Certificates)Crystal Healer,Indian Head Massage Therapist,and Animal Reiki Practitioner.
I am approved by TRA (The Reiki Association) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) which means both organisations approve of the way I practice and having met their standards, I am obliged to practice to NICE standards and guidelines. (National Institute of healthCare Excellence) which are the same standards that traditional allopathic doctors and nurses have to adhere to.

Telephone; 07890 001 016


Driftwood hollow drums


Driftwood hollow drums :

My name is croweye, welcome to Driftwood hollow drums
Creating magical tools for shamanic healing, ceremony and sometimes just to bring happiness.
All the drums and other items I make are hand made with love and true intention.
All the materials used in my creations are ethically sourced and always treated with love and respect, honouring the spirit of all living things. Be it animal or tree, the energy they possess continues to live on through the sacred healing tools of the shaman

Love and blessings, Croweye



EarthMagick :

EarthMagick is run by husband and wife team, Peter and Jeannette who have been interested and worked within the Esoteric world for far to many years to start remembering!!

We are both qualified energy healers (and teachers), using the energy to help get to the root cause of an ailment, Jeannette is also a qualified intuitive, which is often called into action whilst talking to new guardians of our crystals to help aid them on their quest for a new crystal.
Our curiosity was piqued when introduced to crystals and their healing properties many years ago, already having the interest in crystals and minerals since we were children, we were keen to obtain proof for ourselves that these amazing natural forms would and could help and heal ailments of mind, body and soul. We were hooked. we wanted to be able to share our knowledge and healing abilities with others. The more we looked in to their properties the more curious we became, and hence we decided to source crystals as ethically as possible to sell, and to pass on to others how to use crystals in their lives. And of course over time we have learnt from our customers as well, many of whom have become good friends over the years.

We offer a large range of different forms of crystals and as cheap as we can, always happy to have a barter so if you like the item but not the price ask for a lower one.. you never know your luck.
We believe if a crystal is meant for you then it will be yours!!

Lowries Davies of Cwtch Candles

Lowries Davies of Cwtch Candles

Lowrie Davies has been producing soya wax candles and melts since April 2016, under the business name of Cwtch Candles.
Using only the highest quality fragrances to create high quality candles and melts to suit all. A range of fragrances are available from sweet to perfume, fresh to spicy, there is literally something for everyone. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans too.
Also selling high quality bath products which have not been tested on animals and are friendly to even the most sensitive of skin, leaving it soft to the touch, they have all been dermatologically tested and approved.
Cwtch also sells a range of oil burners to suit all tastes and colour schemes.
Please come along and see me for any requests or go along to my Facebook page. Look forward to seeing you soon 😊.

Beryl & Roger


Beryl & Roger:

Beryl & Roger represent the Monmouth Healers. We take hands-on healing out to many shows. We do not charge for our healing as we feel that it was freely given to us so we use our healing abilities to help others. We have a donation box and usually by the end of each show we have enough in donations to cover the cost of our stand. We heal both people and animals so all are most welcome. Love and light.

Deb Hextall

The West Wales Wellbeing Show - Wellbeing Exhibition in Haverfordwest

Deb Hextall:

CRYSTAL AND ENERGY HEALING Deb Hextall BSc (Hons) MVHF, BCMA Reg., Dip Stress Management Training, Crystal Healing, Energy / Spiritual Healing, Workshops and Courses in Crystals and Subtle Energy, Crystal Sales, Stress Management Training.

Contact Details :
Web : www.crystal-and-energy-healing.co.uk
Facebook : facebook.com/CrystalEnergyHealing
Tel : 07884313127

Avalon Aura Photography

small avalon aura photography advert copy

Avalon Aura Photography:

Avalon Aura Photography is run by Ian & Jenny from their little shop in the Somerset town of Glastonbury.
Using the latest Aura Imaging Camera and software we are able to capture the colours of your energy field and produce a beautiful Polaroid Aura photograph for you, In addition we can also provide further information in a report created from the biofeedback data received. With every photo we give an interpretational reading and occasionally Ian may also pick up further psychic info.

As well as being a natural psychic Ian is also a very powerful intuitive healer (by donation) and Jenny is an artist working with many differing media to produce art in many forms.

Psio Sephajr-Zoff- The Arithmystic


Patrik Gamble – Phychic and Visionary Artist